Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation


We provide our clients with an informative initial consultation. All interviews are absolutely confidential. We will not send any follow up literature or contact you in any way. The main purpose of the initial consultation is to allow a client to meet one of the lawyers in our office and obtain basic information about the divorce process. Clients can ask any questions they want during this initial interview.

If you have been served with a divorce petition, motion to modify support, restraining orders or any other court forms, bring all of your paperwork to the initial consultation. If you have questions about support, it will be useful if you bring information about your income and the income of your spouse, such as copies of current pay stubs, last year’s W-2 forms, or your last federal income tax return.

Clients are encouraged to write down their questions before the initial interview and bring their list of questions with them.

We recommend mediation as opposed to litigation. If you and your spouse are considering mediation, then it is important that you bring your spouse to the initial consultation. During the initial consultation, we will explain the mediation process to both of you and answer any questions the two of you have. For mediation, it is critical that both parties are confident the mediator is neutral and not biased in favor of one party or the other. If you come to an initial consultation by yourself, it is very unlikely that we could act as a mediator for your case because your spouse will feel that since we met with you first, we would not be impartial. If you are interested in mediation, see the above mediation tab.