“As everyone knows divorce is awful and can be very expensive and stressful. Christina Van Ness and her office were truly a blessing to me and my children during my divorce. The truth is no one wins during a divorce but I will confidently say that Christina worked with me through the entire process, helped keep me level headed when I wanted to go the other way and saw us through it, even after I relocated. She kept reminding me that on the other side of all the frustration and tediousness I would be standing on my own two feet and my children would be safe...and we so thank you Christina. Thank you for working with me and dealing with the other side of it so I had a shield of sorts that protected me and my children. You are a shining star in the world of sadness (divorce) and I respect you for what you stand for and how you handle every situation that comes to you with pure professionalism.”

--Christin G.
“No matter how you slice it, Divorce is emotional & Ugly! IF you are considering a divorce, then run (don't walk) to Edward and Christina as they are the very best! When you hire an Attorney, you pay them to interpret the law, provide counsel, and influence Judges. In all three areas, both Edward and Christina are exceptional. Ed was on top of every issue in my case, knew the Law inside, out and backwards, explained his rationale and strategy before we went into Court and then flawlessly executed in Court! At the same time, both Ed and Christina genuinely cared about me as a person and therefore made a difficult time far less stressful!”

--Bob W.
“When I decided to finally leave my husband after being married for 21 years, I contacted several lawyers in the Walnut Creek area. My case was somewhat difficult since we had been married in Germany and there was a post-nuptial agreement involved. The case was further complicated by the fact that the opposing side was not cooperating at all and so it turned out to become a bitter divorce. When I called the law firm O'Brien and Sullivan, Christina Van Ness picked up the phone and gave me clear and well-founded advice about how best to deal with my particular situation and she was willing to take my case.

From the beginning, Christina worked tirelessly on my case as if I were her only client, though she had other cases at the same time. She was always available by phone, email and in person whenever I needed to get in touch with her and would always get back to me in time, often even after hours or on weekends. Since my case involved international and German law, she had to contact lawyers in Germany and literally was involved in my case around the clock. Christina is very knowledgeable and she covered all bases from nuptials to international law and in particular German family law, contracting with and securing experts in this field from a law firm in Germany and their office on the East Coast as well as another California expert and a court approved translator in Southern California to make sure to present my unusual case clearly and correctly to the judge. The opposing counsel kept filing erratic motions just to keep us busy and to discourage me from going through with the divorce, e.g. she scheduled all of my German in-laws to appear in court to testify just hear-say against me and was even going to put my teenage daughter on the witness stand, something I could not allow. This created enormous pressure for me and I have to admit I almost lost it. I really felt Christina was not only on my side but she also respected my wishes, namely to save my daughter from what would have been a terrible experience for her. Christina said she would never do something like that and that this was highly inappropriate to do. I knew I could trust her and simply follow her advice.

We won every segment in the legal process that we had to go through and we were able to settle the day before the actual court date which had been scheduled on a Monday morning at 8:00 am. Christina worked on the settlement proposal all weekend and until after midnight before that court date to get this done.

I'd also like to point out that Christina Van Ness and Ed Sullivan work very closely together on their individual cases in their firm and so I had the advantage of having Ed's expertise of more than 20 years of family law experience also contributing to my case. Both Christina and Ed are trustworthy lawyers of high integrity and ethical standard. I recommend Christina Van Ness and Ed Sullivan to all my friends and anyone who needs a divorce lawyer.”

--Carola Z.
“Ed Sullivan of O'Brien & Sullivan handled my divorce. I hired him as my divorce attorney when my life was falling apart and I couldn't have survived the process without his guidance, compassion and expertise. He always explained every step of the process. He was always prepared for court and for my office appointments. I am so very grateful that I stumbled upon him when I was going through the most difficult episode of my life.”

--Mary W.
“As a twice and soon to be three time loser.......I'm thankful he helped me the first time & this time. I made the mistake of using somebody else the second time & did I pay 4 it in more ways than 1! Hes not the cheapest in town....but 4 the $ hes a bargain in my opinion.”

--David S.
“I am so glad I hired Christina Van Ness to help with my divorce. I would recommend her services to anyone!

Christina was a joy to work with. She is a great listener and allowed me to express all of my ideas and concerns. She is very organized and knew all the facts before appearing in court. Christina had a great courtroom presence. She manages to be friendly, confident, and serious at the same time. Most importantly, I received a very fair settlement in my divorce. I can't say enough good things about Christina.”

--Jill B.
“If you need a family law attorney... look no further!

I retained Ed nearly 10 years ago and went through what he has called one of his "worst" cases... yet throughout it all, Ed was brilliant, calm, and on top of every aspect of our case. I feel I will always owe him for all that he did for me and my girls. He is just "top-notch"

I still have to call and consult with Ed due to the ongoing drama surrounding my divorce and child custody (yes, I wish it was over!) He is always so prompt to return my calls, and I am always so thankful I have him on my side.

Over the years I have referred several friends to Ed, and to this day all of whom have reminded me how grateful they are that they hired Ed.

He truly is the type of man and attorney you just don't find anymore. He has ethics, is hard working, knows his stuff and just a pleasure to work with!”

--Lynn K.